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I guess having anything remotely fortunate happen to me is just not an option. Ever. I mean, you'd think having today's class cancelled so you have an extra weekend to work on your final project would be really nice, right? An extension on a paper I'd forgotten to start! Turns out spending time at home may not be the best thing ever. Though I think I now know the reason why classes were cancelled today.

Because, you know, last I checked? My neighbors' skin wasn't that hideous shade of puke-green. Though it is definitely an improvement! I hope they don't distract the construction workers who came this morning to work on our roof.

Oh, but I think I'll have to tell my dad to ask them to maybe reschedule, because the falling plaster and loud thumping noises are really distracting, as are the falling limbs. My dog got a big shock earlier when an arm came banging against the door. She's huddled in the corner of the living room making these whimpering noises, and try as I might, I can't figure out what she's so scared over. That wouldn't bug me so much if the roof wasn't caving in slightly and all the lights weren't flickering. Geez, what company did my dad call? They're doing a pretty shitty job so far.

I asked my brother to go outside and ask the guys on our roof to come back at a later date (because I'm only half-dressed at the moment), like next weekend when we're out of town, but that was an hour ago and he hasn't come back inside. How complicated can it be to ask them to just go away? Should call my dad and ask him to mediate.

ETA: My dog just started barking at the door. My dog never barks. I should probably see what's going on outside that's scaring her so much.


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